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All season

Resistance to seasonal temperature changes

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Shock resistance

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Lightweight fiberglass structure

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No hassle, just enjoy!


“Bacho” combined the craft of ancient culture and innovative technologies #landscape topiary

The Energy
of Green

A brief story on the creation of these beautiful green sculptures

Novel Solutions

with minimum costs

Topiary may be used as outdoor advertising if shaped as the company's logo, symbol or another attribute, these figures are often used as objects of contemporary landscape art.

Residential Areas

Topiary is a universal tool, which is able to improve the atmosphere of ane residential complex, enhancing the sales of real estate


Adds attractivity for the residents and visitors of the city, becomes a zest, which would represent the symbol of the hotel, favorably affecting the recognition.

Parks and Zoos

Visual perception from a long distance enhances the impression and attracts visitors.

Shopping Malls

Catches visitors attention. People make selfies with topiary, create a buzz in social media which makes a positive influence on business.
Crio Studio Design is the official distributor of Bacho Decor Factory in Canada.
Bacho DF offers 3D green figures - Topiary. Modern, high-tech, they do not require any care. They gain popularity and overall love.
All items are unique
and have no analogs

Being a team of professionals  – Bacho Decor Factory, develop unique models for each piece. They bring love to the task and increase successful and joyful life values.

Development of figures by own technology
and have no analogs

The “Bacho” employs its own unique technologies and produces perennial and maintenance-free figures.

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